Hi y'all. I'm Grace. The one on the right who somewhat resembles Ellen Page. Whether you agree or disagree, you can usually spot me, because I'm always wearing black. Why? Because then everything matches. Oh, and this picture is a lie. I do smile.

I’m currently residing in Seattle by way of Atlanta, and you can find me working at Starbucks HQ. Do I get free coffee? Sometimes. Do I write well? Usually—anything from quick and concise lines to long-form stories. Conceptualization to strategy. Idea to execution. If you catch my drift.

Things that I do when I'm not writing. Or maybe writing. Depends on the day.

- Overthinking my horoscope

- People watching

- Attempting to be outdoorsy when my asthma says it’s okay

I enjoy all of the above (and more) activities with a cold brew in hand.

You read this far? I feel like I owe you a coffee then.