Napa AutoCare

During my internship at VML, a team of 6 fellow interns was tasked with doing a complete brand awareness campaign for Napa AutoCare, a subsidiary of Napa AutoParts. With only two weeks to complete our project, we joined our variety of skills, from creative to strategy, to execute the campaign of “Napa AutoCare is your guy.” Through surveys and primary research we found that our target, millennial drivers, did not know how to care for their car without the help of a parent. We aimed to show them that you don’t have to worry about calling mom or dad first when something goes wrong or you have a question; Napa is your guy. 

Napa AutoCare is a brand branch underneath Napa Know How. Napa AutoCare consists of over 16,000 locations, including independently owned Napa Certified Stores.