Rainforest Connection Pro Bono

T-Mobile is strengthened through its partnerships. By encouraging the support of Rainforest Connection, customers and T-Mobile supporters alike can create STEM programs for students across the country. 

Art Director — Michelle Gallup

Phone Device Protection

When customers of T-Mobile buy their new device, they are prompted to sign up for phone insurance. Most of the time, people don't follow through with it. These messaging strategies are designed for two segment audiences after they leave the store, in a last attempt to show them that phone insurance is worth the hype.

Art Director — Tyler Jensen, Cinematographer — Michael Flannigan

Risk Audience

"I don't want phone insurance, because I'm careful with my phone. I won't lose it, drop it, get it stolen, etc."

password: whoops

Cost Audience

"Phone insurance is too expensive! I don't want to waste money on it if I won't need it."

password: money